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Cronulla Hotel

Policies and Regulations

Cronulla Hotel Kalamaki Zakynthos


By making a reservation, you declare full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the accommodation, booking, payment and cancellation policies of the Cronulla Hotel. The terms and conditions described below apply to all bookings made by email, telephone booking and online.
All rates are in Euro and including breakfast.


When a reservation is made, we give you the flexibility of a free cancellation up to 48 hours.
Deposits are non-transferable to other bookings.


When cancelling a booking due to reasons where you are held liable, there will be no cancelation fee however, the deposit amount will be non-refundable and non-transferrable.
In the event of:

  • An airline company canceling your scheduled flight.
  • A travel ban due to Covid-19 related government regulations.

Your deposit can be transferred to a future booking subject to availability, valid for a period of 12 months from your original booking date.


The hotel does not bear any liability if it cannot fulfill its obligations to the visitor, in whole or in part, due to force majeure. (Indicative of strikes, floods, disasters, wars).


Each visitor is responsible, throughout his / her stay at the hotel, for safekeeping his / her personal belongings (valuable items, money, etc.). In case of lost items, the management and hotel staff are not held responsible. It is recommended to use the safety deposit boxes.


Upon arrival identity cards or passports will be requested at check-in.
Due to covid-19 regulations, check in is from 14:00 and check out is at 09:30.
Please note that use of the facilities will still be available after the check-out.
An earlier or later check-in and check-out may be possible if the property is available always after the consent of the hotel. Extra charges may apply.


Guests are kindly requested to respect the hours of communal peace, to behave respectfully and to respect other hotel occupants and staff. Also, all tenants must comply with the hotel's rules and regulations, while the hotel reserves the right to refuse access or evict any person whose conduct is considered to be unlawful, abusive or reprehensible. In this case the hotel is not obliged to pay any compensation.


In the event of damage to the room or to any property of the hotel due to deceit or negligence, the hotel will require the right to immediate payment of the full amount of damage it has suffered by the customer.

Thank you for your understanding and taking the time to make yourselves aware of Cronulla Hotel terms and conditions.